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Nail Surgery Dressing Kit

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This dressing pack is perfect for 7 changes of dressings for any big toe wound, commonly after a nail surgery procedure.

It contains:

  • 7x dressing pads (adhesive/non-adhesive options available)
  • size 12 tubular gauze
  • tubular gauze applicator
  • (optional) medical dressing tape for non-adhesive option only

The non-adhesive dressing set is more suitable for an early wound where weeping/bleeding is still active.

The adhesive dressing set is more suitable for smaller or drier wounds.

Both the tape and gauze are cut to last 7 dressing changes.

Always follow your clinician's advice on dressing change routine following toe nail surgery.


How to apply:

  1. If using non-adhesive dressings, use 2 cuts of 3inch tape to cross over the dressing in a "+" shape and apply to affected area on toe.
  2. Apply gauze applicator over toe.
  3. Apply approx. 3 toe lengths of tubular gauze fully over the applicator
  4. Pull the plastic applicator just off the end of the toe but still covered by excess gauze
  5. Twist the applicator clockwise one full turn
  6. Reapply the applicator down onto the toe and pull down any excess gauze.
  7. Tape the gauze to the toe to allow satisfactory application.


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