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Calf Bar Stretching Tool

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Calf Bar. The most convenient way to routinely stretch your tight calf muscles.

Simple to use, neat to pack away and easy to wipe clean, this simple device allows you to slip into a daily routine of stretching out tight ness in the back of the calves, which can be a common factor in conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy and other types of heel pain.

How To Use

There are three main ways to use the car bar, alternate by switching which surface the bar is on to increase/decrease levels of stretch

It is important to find the most comfortable stretch position for you at whatever stage you're at. You should be able to stand with you legs, hips and back aligned straight and you shouldn't be leaned forward.

Stretches should be held for around 60 seconds, repeated 3-5 rimes, several times a day.