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Waterproof Limb Protector

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LimbO limb protectors are designed to protect casts and bandages/dressings when cleaning and bathing the limb.

(Please note only the half leg protectors are suitable for casts)

The half leg protector covers the lower limb from above the knee downwards. The foot protector covers the foot and ankle.

The LimbO has a soft flexible seal, can be hung to dry after use and reused. Do not wear for more than 20-30 mins.


Size Guide:

Half Leg -

Slim build (length 25.5in, to fit limb circumference 14-15in)

Standard build (length 25.5in, to fit limb circumference 15-21in)

Foot - (both sizes fit up to size 11)

Small (20-25cms around the ankle)

Medium/Large (26-34cms around the ankle)

Please contact us with any queries on sizing before purchasing.