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Hapla Fleecy Foam

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Hapla fleecy foam is easily adaptable and can be cut to any shape or size to help cushion and protect areas on the foot.

It's self adhesive backing allows it to stick safely into your shoes, onto insoles, and even onto your feet!

Fleecy foam comes in two common thicknesses, 5mm and 7mm, and the material is extremely soft and compressible. It comprises of the thicker foam layer, topped with a thin fleecy material for additional comfort.

It is ideal as an insole layer if cut to shoe shape, or as a heel cushion to protect blisters.

If you require a slightly firmer material for padding, offloading and cushioning, take a look at our Chiropody Felt.

For more information on its uses, please contact us and we will be able to help.