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Hapla Semi-Compressed Chiropody Felt

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Hapla felt comes in 3 common thicknesses:

  • 3mm for light padding
  • 5mm for simple cushioning or padding inside any style of footwear.
  • 7mm for a thicker cushion, more suited to wider, deeper footwear.
  • 10mm suitable for higher arch pads or cushioned heel pads.

Hapla chiropody felt is easily adaptable and can be cut to any shape or size to help cushion, offload and protect areas on the foot.

It's hypo-allergenic self adhesive backing allows it to stick safely into your shoes, onto insoles, and even onto your feet!

Please note that exact thicknesses may vary as some sheets are slightly more compressed.

Please feel free to contact us regarding its use or effectiveness for any specific issues you may have, we are Podiatrists, we are here to help.